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This is me on a train in Eastern Europe on my InterRail trip

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IS-107 Reykjavik,

My name is Hannes Johnson, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Iceland. I got started in this online business a few years ago and it has been expanding ever since.

Running a home business is a learning process and I am studying all the time, reading eBooks, tuturials, courses, etc. and developing new skills. I also find it quite interesting to track and monitor my success, how many people click my ads, how many sign up, how people find my website, etc. I do believe that if you don't track and test everything you are wasting a lot of money. When you know what works you can use your money more effectively.

A couple of tools that I'm currently using to keep track of things are AdTrackz to see how many clicks my links are getting and which ad is doing best - and StatCounter to see where my visitors are coming from and what pages of my website they are checking out.

Like they say: "You're wasting half of your money on advertising - the important thing is to know which half!"

As I said, my online business is building steadily and I look forward to being able to earn a full time income from home very soon.

One of the parts of home business that I like is helping other people succeed. That's why I have on this website a lot of articles you can ready and study. I also have listed recommended business opportunities and programs that have been proven to work. If you need any help feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,
Hannes Johnson